Our Wedding

Rich and Kim

Kimberly Truong and Richard Karpp

Wedding: March 6, 2004

About Us

Kimberly and Richard currently reside in San Diego, CA.

HOW WE MET: Rich and I met at Starbucks in Sorrento Valley (great pick up joint!)

HOW WE GOT ENGAGED: We had just gotten home from my company party and Rich went upstairs and lit candles in our room. I had finished washing the make up off my face, turned around and saw the room bathed in the glow of candle light. Rich said, 'I want you to open your Valentine's day present today.' He set a big red box on the bed. I had to set it on the ground to open it because it was so heavy. Inside was a jewelry chest. I thanked him and was about to get up to set the box on the dresser when he told me to look inside the drawer because he got me another present. I did and it was a pair of diamond earrings set in bezzled platinum. I was moved...by his generosity and kindness, so I gave him a hug and JOKINGLY said, 'oh...I love you so much...will you marry me?'...to which he said, 'well, that's my 3rd present for you...' We were already on our knees on the floor, so I don't know if he was going to get on his knees or not...but he gave a brief but sweet speech that ended with...WILL YOU MARRY ME? And you know the rest of the story...

Our wedding took place on March 6, 2004. Our wedding took place at Rose Creek Cottage in San Diego, CA. The reception was held at King's Garden in Sorrento Valley.

The Bride's Attendants

Nicole Ta - Matron of Honor
Friend of the Bride

Keisha Smith - Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride

Tammy Lu - Bridesmaid

Ashley Truong - Flower Girl

Cassidy Tran - Flower Girl

Lannie Lasam - Coordinator
Friend of the Bride

The Groom's Attendants

Edward Karpp - Best Man
Brother of the Groom

Douglas Karpp - Groomsman
Brother of the Groom

Mark Botta - Groomsman
Friend of the Groom

Derek Tran - Ringbearer

The Wedding Details

The wedding theme/colors were Platinum and Cream. The bride wore a Kimberly Forbes gown in White. The flowers were roses and tulips.

The reception menu featured a 10 Course Chinese Banquet, and the wedding cake was by Cakes by Kristin.

We make our home in San Diego, California. You can reach us at kim@karpp.net or rich@karpp.net.

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In that book which is my memory, on the first page that is the chapter when I first met you, appear the words, "Here begins a new life."

La Vita Nuova
- Dante Alighieri

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