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Game Projects

Here are some of the game projects I've worked on over the years.

For BlueSky Software:

Basketbrawl/Atari 7800/Atari/1990 Dick Tracy/Sega Master System/Sega/1990 Starflight/Sega Genesis/Electronic Arts/1991 NFL Football/Atari Lynx/Atari/1992 TechnoClash/Sega Genesis/Electronic Arts/1993
Jurassic Park/Sega Genesis/Sega/1993 VectorMan/Sega Genesis/Sega/1995 Assassin 2015/PC/Inscape/1996 Goosebumps Attack of the Mutant/PC/Dreamworks Interactive/1997

For Sony Computer Entertainment America:

The Mark of Kri/PlayStation 2/SCEA/2002

For BottleRocket Entertainment:

Rise of the Kasai/PlayStation 2/SCEA/2005
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